Monday, 30 April 2018


My Romantic History is a hilarious look at the world of dating, firstly through the eyes of Tom, the new boy in the office. Tom, Brain Lonsdale, isn’t looking for love but at the end of his first week joins his new workmates for drinks and ends up going home with fellow worker from another floor Amy, Bryony Corrigan. Here follows the story of their relationship from his point of view, as he changes from addressing the audience directly to showing the scenes from his current relationship and his one true love of the past. Brian has fantastic comic timing. Act II changes to the perspective of Amy, where we find out things might not have all been that accurate from Tom’s perspective. Act III brings the whole piece together.

Amy McAlistar plays Sasha, another co-worker and all the other parts. The scene where she plays all the past relationships of both Amy and Tom is well worth going for alone.

Alison Ashton’s set is stark and easily conveys several locations from the office, streets, pubs and even a toilet without having to change anything which keeps the pace fast and furious. The excellent pen and ink illustrations from Ben Holland which are projected help with the location changes and firmly locate this production in Newcastle instead of Glasgow from the original production.

This is certainly an adult production due to the nature of the language used, but it isn’t used to shock, only to enhance and bring some reality to the production.

A hilarious production, full of energy, which hits the spot on all counts.

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